93% of mini importers fail because they do it the OLD backward way; instead of using...

Brand New System That Helps ANYONE Find HOT in Demand Products For $3 Or Less, Pay in Naira, Ship In 5 Days And Show You The Easiest Places To Sell Them For 500k - 1 Million Naira Profit Weekly

The ONLY 13 Persons Who Currently Use These New Strategies Average 500k - 1Million Naira WEEKLY... Funny Enough, 6 Of Them Are Drop Outs.

You still do it the old "push 'n' start" way?

I can bet.

Except you're one of the inner circle 6%, my 13 inner circle students;

... chances are you still go about your mini importation and ecommerce business the old boring profit-sucking way.

Or may be, you're just confused about how to start?


One thing is certain - you don't want to waste your time, money and energy.

Nobody wants to.

Not even Bailey, my fiery dog.

Like every other smart person, you want to go straight to what works.

... you want to skip all the fluffs, and join the small group of smart mini importers;

... about 13 of them who have used the same revolutionary strategy you'll discover shortly to build a thriving mini import business, that generates 6 to 7 figures weekly.

That is what everybody wants right?;

... and that exactly you'll be getting from this page shortly.

By the way,

My name is Pat Ogidi;

CEO, Netfame Marketing... a media, digital marketing and research CAC registered firm, with head office at Suite 78, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba Lagos;

A husband to the best wifey ever, and a proud Dad of two beautiful damsels.

I’m widely referred to as “The Grand Commander of Importation Business in Africa”

No, I didn’t just assume that title myself… (like most gooroos do)

The juggernauts in the industry bestowed that on me;

My Exploits Got The Attention of the International Community Which Led to Awarding Me The Best Internet Marketer of The Year...

If you've been around me for some time, that shouldn't come as a surprise...

Not, when over 184,000 persons across the world willingly suscribed to, and read my daily edutaining doses of empowerment messages.

Now, Here's The MOST Important Part...

Anybody... including YOU can start using the same revolutionary  strategy by 7.32PM tomorrow... and start getting MASSIVE jaw dropping results.

As a matter of fact...

 Here's How The Same Strategy Helped An Almost Frustrated Port Harcourt Boy Spot a Hot Product... Sourced Each For N562.5 ($1.5) From A Rarely Known Portal... And Did His First Ever 4 Million Naira From It Within 29 Days.

Today, he has 2011 Toyota Venza car is on it's way from Canada to Nigeria

He had this to say recently...

Let's call him Enyi

 ... and of course, that's his real name.

Like most people, he dabbled into the business of mini importation in early 2015.

As expected, he was making peanut... barely enough to feed and maybe club at weekends with Itoro, his Akwa Ibom girl friend. That babe, made Enyi fall in love with clubbing.

No tangible figures.

No savings;

... but life was relatively good for the dude, who just graduated from the Environmental Science department of UNIPORT.

Then, Come The Hard Biting Economic Recession.

In one fell swoop, the economic downturn drove out lots of the half baked, light feathered mini importers.

No thanks to...

[-] The high soaring dollar exchange rates... almost hit N600/$ at a time.

[-] CBN directives to banks to stop allowing international payments.

[-] Ever tightening Facebook advertising platform... with making payments for Facebook ads almost practically impossible.

[-] No idea of the type of hot in demand products to import that guarantees high margin, since the known ones have been whitewashed by hungry folks and sold as low as N1,500.

[-] At loss at how and where to get products cheaper... as buying from the popular portals became more expensive;

Subsequently, Enyi's profit margin dwindled... he went back to level zero;

He was eventually dumped and insulted by his girl friend of 2 years, for asking for a help of 50k to help his business (which according to him, the girl had).

Desperate and hungry for change, he ran into one of our online trainings, where he immediately realized WHY he failed to make serious headway with his mini importation business... and of course, the easiest and surest way out,

Actually, The Reasons Centered Around 4 Key Factors

The first reason bothers around product sourcing.

It's really shocking to know that 93% of the people go about product sourcing the wrong way.

I can bet, you make same mistakes if you have imported or ever attempted to import.

They only go for products, either after they've seen a couple of gurus sell them... or they run into it and feel it will sell due to the shiny nature. 

WRONG and wrong approach!

By then, hundreds of other spoon feeders will be pouncing on same product, thereby increasing the competition.

Hence, you see some been forced to sell a product comfortably selling at N10,000 for N3,500 at last.


There's actually a smart strategy to dig into rarely known product and source them for pennies from rarely known portals... not the usual Aliexpress and Alibaba, where prices are usually high.

Then sell the hell out of them before the spoon feeders get to find out.

Even if they find out, then you can bet they know nothing close to the killer strategy to have loads of peeps on Facebook rave for and want to grab your product.. at any price.

Here's what I mean... a 24 hour campaign

1,730 shares, over 4,000 likes, 297 comments... resulting to over 150 orders.

All within a short 24 hour period.

Can those gooroos beat this?

One Of My Recent Students, Mr. Charles Couldn't Contain His Excitement After Testing Out This Spanking New Strategy... That He Even Decide To Dash Me Call Credit :)

An Import Portal... 1000% Cheaper Than Aliexpress & Alibaba Combined;

After finding a hot in demand product, comes the the actual ordering.

What many would tell you is to go over to the popular Aliexpress and and buy.

Yea, for them buying stuffs from there is cheap.

And of course, it's indeed 'cheap'

After all, they buy it and make some 'profits' at the end of the day. 

Mr. A makes a profit of N10,000 and Mr. B makes a profit of N2,000 from same product.

Both of them made profit right?

However... there's PROFIT and there's POORfit :)

It's totally up to you, the type you want to make.

But if you're like me and my inner circle students, you want to go for a way and a portal where you can effortlessly get the same product of even better quality at 50% cheaper?

How would that affect your margin at the end of the day?

Take a look at this:- same product from different portals.

Does anyone need to tell you that the sellers at SOURCE A buys from SOURCE B and makes money off anyone that doesn't know their way?


Doubting That Rate? 
Mr.Google is Still Your Friend 

Now, does it still surprise you why wifey always leave her folks selling the same products biting the dusts?

... while she banks 5-6 steady figures from this product alone?

She's been selling that... and it doesn't seem like she's going to stop until she turns 40 in over 13 more years (according to her) :)

Some 'expo' there huh?

Or you still wonder why Enyi made over 4m importing Wax Vac, an ear cleaner for $0.5, while others pay as high as $10?

What About Making Payments And Shipping?

At some point, paying online became practically impossible.

The banks, acting on directives from CBN, restricted their Naira cards from making payments online.

You go to a bank to ask, they tell you to get a domiciliary account.

An account you MUST have to go buy dollars from Aboki at a very high rate to fund.


It wasn't funny... lots of folks backed out of the business.

I knew of one Benin guy that went back to his Okada riding business.

Another dusted his CV and took up a N35,000 per month job in an eatery in Ojodu Berger Lagos.

For us, and my inner circle students... that era wasn't entirely detrimental.

It presented an opportunity to discover a never used before ways of paying CHEAPER in Naira.

All, you do is source for your products from the rarely known portals... then pay in naira into an Access bank account using the cheapest rate you can ever get anywhere.

No restrictions whatsoever, no dollar card, no business killing delays.

Your payment is confirmed instanta and your products are shipped faster than ever.

These game changing way out wouldn't have been possible if not for the...

FASTER and CHEAPER than DHL method of shipping your goods to Nigeria

I'm talking about placing your order today, and getting your goods 24 to 72 hours later?

Doubt that?

Take a look...

Despite all the MIND BLOWING success stories, and case studies coming from my students using the strategy.


I Doubted!

At a point, I had the cause to doubt my own strategies.


Virtually EVERYBODY who gets and use a tip from any of the "new generation strategies" gets amazing result.

I began to think it was so because every of them had a prior knowledge of computer - how to click the mouse at least.

They had some sort of ideas about internet business.

So, thoughts of testing out the system on someone who has never done any internet related business before began to grow in me.

Finally, I remembered Kingsley, a super ambitious car washer, who loves washing my car each time I visit Olaitan Car Wash, Opposite Diamond bank/LG Office Ogba Lagos, where he worked.

I recalled him always begging me to help hook him up with something nice... to do.

He complained he was tired of getting 150 naira he takes home on every wash (out of every N500 - N1000 the car wash owner charges per car).

So, I invited him to my office one fate-changing afternoon, and decided to further substantiate the workability of my strategy with him.

No laptop... but luckily, he had an internet enabled phone. 

So, I spared about an hour to put him through the basics.

After which I got him started by giving him 10 pieces each of 3 different products.

Then charged him to set up the Facebook ads with his money... spending like N500 daily; which he can increase to N1,000 once he starts getting orders.

After exactly 8 days, he beeped me up on Whatsapp:

RESULT: 23 pieces of the products sold after 8 days.

He coudn't hold the excitement...

So, he went on Facebook to tell the world about it :)

Something I don't even like... (I'm a low key person)

23 pieces of his product sold in 8 days!

Fresher now than before LOL;

With a gross profit of N4,500 on each of the product... that amounted to N103,500 pure profits generated!

The first 100,000 naira to EVER hit his account.

And he was just a rookie... a newbie, a roadside car wash boy, without any prior internet knowledge.

Few days later, he quit the N150 per car wash job... saved up some money and rented an apartment somewhere close to Orimolade, College Road, Ogba Lagos.

Yea, dude has been sleeping in the car wash for 2 years :)

Hey, My Name is NOT JESUS, But I felt like a SAVIOUR!

The fire to do even more and help more of humanity... went higher up than ever.

Obviously, there are many folks like Kingsley, who may even be going through some worse situation.

I remembered, I have over 184,000 super enthusiastic business hungry folks... whose major road blocks to building a thriving business around mini importation, I have just solved.

So, I Went All Out To Do Something That Will Benefit You

Then, the journey started...

I embarked on one of the most tedious journeys of my life.

Began to document every step of the way, the nitty gritties... EVERYTHING I know about how even a zombie can kick start their mini importation/ecom businesses from anywhere in Nigeria, or elsehwere and turn it into a profitable 5-8 figures income in no time.

To Be ABSOLUTELY Honest...

I almost gave up the project along the way.

Battling between taking care of a third trimester pregnant wifey, doing all the school run for my adorable Daughter and taking care of my other businesses.

The most challenging era of my life, I must say.

When I was almost at the concluding part of the project, the devil failed woefully at almost forcing wifey into a cesarean section.

Consequently, our second jewel, Chimamanda came naturally.

Contrary to doctors suggestion, there was no CS!

Then, came the 'omugwo' and giving wifey all the attention she deserves.

The documentation project was unavoidably paused, until after 27 days.

After which, I took out about 9 days to wrap up what has now been tagged, the enclopedia mini importica :)

Translating my "frantic notes" from

[+] Tests I ran with my students,

[+] My real life 7+ years experiences and advancements in the business

[+] Everything I know about mini importation business before now;

[+] Plus my ‘7 digits’ friends’ breakthrough'

...into something everyone could benefit from.

Sorry, not necessarily everybody,

Even Jesus didn't feed 'everybody', but only five thousand.

So, this isn't for everybody... but some super serious folks (out of my over 184,000 subscribers) who are desirous of taking their mini importation business to the next level.

My Sleepless 9+ Nights Paid Off, Because it Produced…

"Demystifying And Translating EVERYTHING That Has Changed With Mini Importation Business... Into A 7 Figure Business, Even If It's Your First Time At It" 

We chose not to produce this in some dumb PDF format, so we’ll have all the chances to show you everything live on camera… with a voice, pictures and illustrations. PDF will limit it.

So we went for a comprehensive home study video tutorial instead.

Therefore, no matter the time of the day you're reading this;

... whether at 11.39 pm, or 12.04 am on Monday, Thursday or on public holiday;

You can gain access right away... without having to contact anyone and jump right into the members' area that looks like exactly like this:

(Click on the video to play it)

Once you get access into the members' area...

Here’s Exactly Few Of The Golden Nuggets You’re Going To Learn:

  • Introduction & Overview - This module takes you through what to expect in the course, sets you in the right frame of mind that guarantees success... and one vital thing you need to do to hit the ground running for insane quick profits. You also get the steps to download the courses if you so choose, so you can watch and consume offline. Lock in Your Spot Now!
  • Product Sourcing Like a Whiz - 1 minute 17 seconds into this video, it will become clear why many people fail even before they start. The module takes you through the new portal for the BIG boys; that renders every other ones you know "empirically useless". Watch me get an item at 200% cheaper than what a seller gave me on Aliexpress and elsewhere. The module also look at how best to transact with these portals for maximum result.
  • Cheaper & Faster Than DHL Shipping Means - Forget about DHL, UPS, China Post etc... With this new shipping method, no custom disturbances. No visiting airport nor seaports. You can use it even if you live in Zungeru, Sambisa or Ije Ode. Sweetest part is, you only pay the shipping fee when your item gets to Nigeria. This is the new generation shipping only few persons know about. Get Access Now!
  • Marketing Your Products on Steroids - This module exposes 4 powerful ways you can market your goods almost on autopilot. How to avoid wasting money and get Facebook advertising right the very first time you try. How to use funnels to automate your sales. Plus a set and forget handsfree strategy to sell your items on Konga & Jumia.
  • Dealing With Delivery Company's Excesses - Delivery companies play major role in your success in mini importation. Get it wrong, and you'll be set up for failure. This module gives some killer tips on how best to follow up and deal with these delivery companies for maximum result.
  • Making 4x More Profits With SAME Effort - Imagine, not spending anything extra on ads, yet 'force' your customers to come back and buy an item of higher price from you. This module explains in details, how you can get a customer to give you 4x more money after the first transaction. Start Your 4x More Profits Today
  • Facebook Advert Cheats For Adult Products - In adult products lies an untapped billion dollar market. Sadly, big advert giants like Facebook don't allow such ads on their platform. In this module, I take you through my campaign where I profitably sell adult products via Facebook ads, without attracting their hammer. Just swipe and tweak my campaign, and you'll have no problems with Facebook.
  • Never Revealed Tweak For Those Who Stay Outside Lagos/Abroad - You don't stay in Lagos? Or you stay outside the country? Simply use this work around to successful do your mini import business without restrictions. Start Today!
  • How Our Team Can Help Set Everything Up For You - You get access to practically transferring all your 'headaches' to our experienced team. We do almost everything for you, so you just relax, monitor and chop your money :)
  • Resources - In this section, you get access to every resources, tools, and contacts mentioned in the course in one place, so that you can hit the ground running real fast without hindrances.
  • Plus Lots More - The above are just snippets of the loads of information you find in the course. There are more which will take up every space here if we're to list all of them. Get Started!

Still Thinking if The eCom Tycoon Is Right For You?

Well, here's what others who once had same thought had to say:

What About A List Of Hot In Demand Products You Can Start With Immediately?

This Was HARD For Me To Do - Honestly!

Many a time, my students ask me for a list of hot in demand products. 

So that, they don't have to go through the process of finding these HOT products themselves.

They are lazy like me LOL.

Truth is, I use to oblige this.

After all, nothing gets me excited like seeing my students succeed.

But along the line, I realised that the last time I let out a list like this, over 1000 persons pounced on the products in the list, and before you know it... they are everywhere.

Now, that doesn't mean that the smart guys still can't make money from such product.

Of course, anybody can, once they master the killer strategies in the eCom Tycoon Course.

As a matter of fact, with one of the tips in the course, you can easily churn out tons of hot in demand products at will.

You can even start selling the list to your friends, if you can't import all.

But there's always a problem...

The problem comes from the folks who are blatantly lazy. Buhari maybe right LOL.

Once they 'think' the products in the list are everywhere, they never bother to use their brains.

They just rush to my inbox asking for another list.

So, I stopped entirely... and subsequently turn down any of such requests.

But I'm going to take an exception and do something here for you.

But on two conditions:

First; You must promise me that having the list shouldn't make you lazy... even though it may tend to.

You must fully use the nuggets inside the eCom Tycoon course, such that the thoughts and fear of saturation will NEVER be there, hence there will be no need to trouble me :) 

Secondly... you MUST be quick to join the first 25 persons who grab their copies of the eCom Tycoon course right away, at the introductory launch price. 

If you meet the above two criteria, only then will you qualify to get access to my latest compilation of a list of 50 Hot In Demand Products.

For reasons earlier stated, this list is only available to the first 25 persons... so that the 50 products won't ever be saturated... and there won't be any need to come hitting my inbox all the time :)

WARNING: Only the first serious 25 persons to get access to their copies of the eCom Tycoon course, get this list.

The 26th person going forward can get the eCom Tycoon, but without this list of 50 hot in demand items... you can start importing starting from tomorrow.

Why Haven't You Heard Nor Thought About These New Killer Strategies Yet?


You haven’t… simply because you’ve bought into the lies and allowed this fly by night gurus feed you with their garbage;

… thereby blocking you from accessing great information around.

No wonder my rector in seminary school always say "Nemo dat quod non habet", meaning no one gives what he doesn't have.

At the end, they either sell you an ebook that’s not even theirs, or they concoct some nonsense together in the name of an ebook and force down your throat.

Just recently, a lady called me up from PH to ask me questions about what he read from my material he bought from one of these guys who claims to show you how to import (fake) Samsung galaxy phones for N5,000 from some shitty Chinese sites. 

She claimed she saw my name as the author, and wanted to ask few questions.

So I asked where she got the material from.

My instincts were right.

She bought it from one of these guys who make the loudest noise online about mini importation business.

The truth is, most of these guys have never imported a needle in their entire life.

They address themselves by all sorts of names… professor this, king that, bishop this.


The strategies in the eCom Tycoon Course are definitely not for you… if you think you cannot do away with these fakes;

… and not ready to take up what I’ll show you inside the course, and run fast with it

(Read that again and let it sink) 

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of who is willing to… 

Take a Proven System and Put It to Work in The Next 72 Hours Or Less, Then This is For You. 

This is why I want to make it super easy for YOU (and the next 50 persons) to get access to the eCom Tycoon course;

By asking you to grab your copy today at the launch discount price of;

Am I Going Crazy For Asking You to Invest This Low Amount?

No actually, my head is screwed on real tight.


The reason for asking you to pay ONLY N9,999 for a whole comprehensive video tutorial that took me days of sleepless nights putting together is because:

I just launched the course, and I thought I should allow the first 50 persons get access, before the price increases to the planned original price of N15,000

When more of their success stories starts flowing in, I'll adorn this page with them, and then shoot up the price.

You Will Have No Excuse

At the launch price of ONLY N9,999 you cannot say the course is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say Pat hates you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer strategies.

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it. 

So there you go.

No excuses!

And Oh, Before I Forget!

Your Satisfaction Is...

100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!


If after going through the full course, and after 30 days, you do not think you can take what I show you and make 500 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund! 

So, it shall never be said that “Pat has joined all these gurus who chop peoples’ money” and run away.


My name is worth more than diamond.

It will be idiotic to mess up...

No.. not now!

Not now that God has blessed me with a wonderful family;- 2 damsels and a virtuous wifey;

With all the fears out of the way; and the risks on my shoulders...

Here’s How to Confidently Get Your Copy of The eCom Tycoon Course Today At The Launch Discount Price Only Available For The First 50 Persons... And Get Access to The Bonus!

Note that the launch period expires either after the timer below hits zero... or we get the first 50 persons.

Which ever comes first!

 the launch price of N9,999 which you can get it fo today expires;

...and the new price of N15,000 or more automatically takes effect without the special bonus.

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N9,999 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Netfame Marketing Services.
Account No: 011-513-8336

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to: nb@ecomtycoon.com

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within 27 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area. No waiting whatsoever.

Which ever payment option you used, once your payment goes through, you will be redirected to the membership registration area, which looks like this;

After that...

You login to the members' area with the details you created, and start devouring, consuming and kicking asses :)

Please, ensure to keep your login details safe!

The members' area looks something like this:

Now, You Have a Decision to Make

To register right away and join me and few others taking advantage of these revolutionary strategies already;

… Or to close this page.

If you get access now, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.

The choice is simple.

But I trust you know the right thing for you... so I look forward to you making the right choice. 

Sincerely yours,

Pat Ogidi,

"The Grand Commander of Mini Import Business"

CEO, Netfame Marketing & Media, Suite 78, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba, Ikeja Lagos.

PS: In case you’re tempted to put off getting your copy right now?

Well, that’s a choice!

However, remember that once the next 25 slots are taken, two things happen;

The bonus disappear;

And you might risk getting it at the real price of N15,000.

Click here to avoid the risk

Still reading?

Ok, you probably have a few questions.

Here Are Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions I Receive

Question - How much capital do I need to start this business?

Answer - This is one of the most frequently asked question that usually come my way. The truth is, mini importation business is one of the few good busines models where you set your rules. You're in charge!

In the eCom Tycoon course, we advised beginners concentrate on the inexpensive products that cost below $3-5, with over 115% profits. Meaning, even with that your smallest amount, you can start something and scale as you go along.

Question - How do I receive the course?

Answer - To make the course near interactive, we avoided producing it in PDF... but went the extra mile of recording a video so we get the chance of showing it all. When you order, you get access to the members' only area where you can watch and/or download the videos into your hard drive or phone... to enable you watch offline.

Question - How heavy are the video?

Answer - We understand people are always concerned about their data. So we tried as much as possible to make sure the videos are recorded in the smallest size ever, while ensuring that the quality remains top notch. The videos are produced is smaller bites that can easily be downloaded and consumed.

Question - Can I do the business if I reside outside Lagos or abroad?

Answer - Because of the huge demand from people living outside Lagos or abroad, we specifically dedicated a whole module to explain how you can successfully do this business from outside Lagos without hitches. In fact, we currently have about 3 of the 5 to 7 figure students profitably running their business from outside Lagos. One does his from far away Congo.

Question - How do I reach you guys in case I run into hitches?

Answer - We're always accessible. Apart from the fact that you can always reach us using the contact details on this website, we have also included a specialized email inside the download area. Through this email, you should be sure we give you a first class support.

So, it's up to you...

Click the button below, sign up and let's help you take your mini importation business to the next level.

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