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Marketing Your Products 
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Making More & Scaling Up 
Facebook VS Adult Products
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Getting started - Introduction
In this video you will learn the overview of everything you will be learning in the eCom Tycoon course. It's important you watch it to better understand how the rest of the training is structured.
The 'Make' vs 'Mar' Products
Some products are NEVER worth importing. They drain you and leave you with no profit. In this video, you learn how to spot the difference between the two in simple easy steps.
Finding Hot Products
In this video you will learn the techniques you can use to unravel hot and hidden products.
Sourcing Products Like a WIZ
You can actually get products cheaper than you can get same product from Aliexpress and Alibaba. This video shows you exactly how to go around the language barrier in 1688.com and successfully source and pay for products cheaper.
Getting 1688.com to Work For You
 The video explains how to go around the language barrier within 1688.com
Cost Effective Shipping Method
Forget about DHL, UPS, China Post etc... No custom disturbances. No visiting airport nor seaports. You only pay when your item gets to Nigeria.
Marketing Methods Overview
 A short overview into the various marketing methods discussed here.
- All The Videos About Selling Via Facebook Are Here. Scroll Down -
Selling Via Facebook
Facebook prides as the biggest social network on earth. In this video, I talk about how to position your products the right way before your audience on Facebook for massive sales and profits.
Creating the Video for Facebook
Making a Post on Facebook the RIGHT Way
Boosting Your Post
Using Data to Make Ads Better
Marketing via Sales Funnels
Selling Via Mini Ecom Website
Selling Via Top Shopping Platforms
Cheap & Fast Shipping Method
Faster, cheaper and most mini import friendly shipping method... that's what this video talks about
Making More From Same Effort
This video explains how you can tactically make more from same effort.
Advertising Grey (Adult) Products on FB
Facebook frowns at adult and some health products. In this video, you learn how to tweak your advertising to beat Facebook hands down.
You Stay Outside Lagos Or Abroad?
Here are tips on how to successfully go about your mini import business if either you don't live in Lagos or you stay outside the country.
For Those Who Wants to Start Immediately.
1 Shortcut to Hitting The Ground Running From Next Week... And Getting Results 100x Quicker.
Effortless Shipping  to the Country
 In this video, you learn four ways to easily ship your imported item to the country you wish to sell to.
Marketing Method Overview
After watching the video above, continue into the Marketing videos under the eCom Tycoon course.
Local Delivery Within The Country
The Delivery Company I Use 
Cost Effective Way to Communicate
Getting Paid
How to Get Your Money in Nigeria
Chinese Procurement Agents:
Add them on Whatsapp and note that China is +8 GMT, meaning they're 7 hours ahead of Nigeria. This is so you know when best to chat them.

1. Annie: +8613412272121⁠ (Super Awesome Lady)
2. Angela: +8613510664597⁠
PayPal/Payoneer Fund Sellers:
1.  IJO Global Exchange: 08022036401 (call), 08052837966 (Whatsapp)
China - Nigeria Logistic Companies
(Note that the rates below may change any time. So, always reach them to ascertain the current rate before using them)
1. NBC Logistics (My best): They charge $7/kg and N500 for express delivery (takes 24-48hrs)... $4.5 and N380 for normal/cargo delivery (Takes 7-10 days).

Contact: Dan +8615989271003⁠, Annie +8613412272121,

Download their address details in MS words www.J.MP/NBClog

2. Royal Gate: They charge $7/kg and N500 for express delivery (takes 24-48hrs)... $4 and N380 for normal/cargo delivery (Takes 7-10 days).

Contact: Uche 08066748474 (Nigeria), +8613711273401 (China)

Download their address details in MS words www.J.MP/RoyalGateLogistics
Delivery Companies Within Nigeria
1. Ace.ng (Lagos, Abuja & PH): Register with them at https://ace.ng/register

2. SkyNet (Nationwide): Contact Mr. Johnson 08061139770

3. EDS.com.ng (Nationwide, but be careful with them): Contact 09093128531, 08068755874, 08172012484, 08024240930.

4. Mr. Austin (Lagos Swift Deliveries): Contact 08087323853, 07068885201
Delivery Companies in Ghana
Note: We have entered into some kind of agreement with the company below. This agreement tends to protect us and any body we are referring to them. Therefore, you can use them... but before you go ahead to use them, do send us an email at support@ecomtycoon.com.

Once we receive your email, we will send you details of the company, plus give you a UNIQUE code to present to them for signup. Also, after signing up with them, you're to get back to us to have us finally put your name in the monitor list with them.
Useful Links
1. Namecheap (For domain name and hosting): www.PatrickOgidi.com/nc

2. Get FREE Payoneer Mastercard: Get at www.patrickogidi.com/payn

3. Jumia Sign Up: www.jumia.com.ng/marketplace-vendor Also, you can contact this lady with issues adebimpe.daramola@jumia.com.ng

4. Konga Signup: www.konga.com/sell/

5. Dealdey: www.merchant.dealdey.com

6. Facebook Post Sample For Adult: My Bedroom Testimony

7. Link to Have Us Set Up The System For You: www.ecomtycoon.com/dfy3

NB: This page will continually be updated. If there are anything you think we left out, do point that out to us. Email support at support@ecomtycoon.com
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