Something the Grand Master of Import Business has not done in almost 3 years...

What If I Clear My Busy Schedule For A Day To Reveal To You All My Brand New, Juicy, Never Talked About Importation And eCom Secrets That Have Made My Inner Circle Students And I Over N59,674,330 And Counting This Year Alone...

Would You Miss It For ANYTHING... Even If You Reside In Sambisa?

I HAVEN'T done this for a long time.

There hasn't been a physical seminar from me for some time. 

You should have noticed that, if you're one of my over 180,000 subscribers and readers.

Quite unusual right?

In fact, the last time I organized and held an open seminar was almost 3 years ago.


Not because people were tired of milking from "the Grand Commander's" idea well.

Nor were they tired of learning some new mind blowing, life changing money making ideas..


Not even because I wasn’t getting the halls filled to the brim anymore.

In fact, here is what few of the last physical seminars I held looked like... All PAID!


 A training championed by me in July of 2015.

Online Freelancing Bootcamp in July, 2014.

Export brokerage training, 2014.

But then...

I Had To Stop...

For 2 Major Reasons... 

First... I love to share my ideas, groom and raise entrepreneurs to build successful businesses that would comfortably initiate them into the 5,6,7 figure club.

That is my passion.

... and I have been doing comfortably for over 11 years.

However, what has become a reality is the fact that the task becomes so overwhelming... especially with the growing number of my subscribers... over 180,000 of them!

Obviously, coping with all the growing demands became utterly daunting, for a father of 2 smashingly awesome girls :)

...from things that go into planning a big event as those... like securing a big enough venue upfront, logistics, getting excellent camera team, sound system and item 7 :)

There was a case of a training we organised sometime ago... we didn't know that the number of people who registered, exceeded the capacity the hall we hired could take.

At the end, we had issues at the venue, and that disrupted the event.

We had to refund over 40 persons... and almost went to court with one of them, who's a lawyer and had an LLB in troublemakinology :(

More so;

...because I am one heck of an unsual guy that loves following up, and beating out results out of my students... the whole thing began to take too much of my time, that my own businesses suffered.


My family grew from just myself and Jenny, to the addition of two beautiful damsels;

And that meant more responsibility for me.

Catering for two beautiful damsels requires lots of time and I just couldn’t let my wife bear all the burden;

... especially, since we agreed never to go the house-help way.

With all the crazy things happenings in Lagos, we would be crazy to trust anyone else with our beautiful angels than myself, wife and my siblings (sometimes).

Plus I had always wanted to be a "father" to my children... not just a father figure.

So giving them more time became inevitable.

Finally I crossed out organizing physical seminars :)


But My Motivation To Truly Impact People Won’t Let Me Close My Eyes Entirely To Doing Trainings Of Some Sort...


Because I knew I will be doing God a huge disservice by not impacting lives...

I had to look for an alternative that will still allow me impact thousands of lives even after putting a stop on physical trainings.

This alternative came in form of online trainings (webinar)... which enables me to sit at my home, and deliver the lecture over the internet... to even more people.

To achieve that, I had to pay the sum of $1,764.60 (about N643,860) to get unlimited yearly access to EasyWebinar software that enabled me organise the online trainings.

Though it cost me almost N650,000, it was a sacrifice I was willing to pay just to continue impacting lives and help people get out of financial struggle.

What about the stats?

Fugking mind blowing...


Through the online trainings, millionaires were raised;

Multiple successful businesses built... and lives changed.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, I decided to keep it just webinars;

... and sometimes, private 3 - 4 hours one on one trainings and consultations in my office, which I charged a fee of N150,000 to N250,000 for just a few hours gig.

This I continued until...

The Results Almost Made Me Shit in My Pants!

Worthy of mention is this particular case of a physically challenged man from Wamba in Nasarawa state... should be in his early 60s.

Some time first week in July, I had a one on one training in my office with him.

He turned out one of my most dedicated students of all times.

Within the first one hour of the one on one training, I took him through the basics of mini importation business; while revealing all the aspects that have changed, but are still done in the old way by most gooroos.

While I did that, I could notice him continously nod his head in excitement, while jotting down so fast.

After about 1 hour, 3 minutes... I asked to know why he had that facial expression.

He confirmed he just realized why he has been stocked with not so cool result for 3 years.

According to him, he had attended over 4 trainings in Lagos and Abuja... and in one of them, he was asked to pay N35,000 to join some dumb Whatsapp group, where they would be doing some kind of group importation.

At the end of the day, they ended up importing some shitty products that have been lying waste in his home in Nasarawa till date.

Well, I spared the rest of the 3 hours to reveal an underground mini import idea I have never shown anyone... anywhere.

It got to do with Fashion...

I linked him up with the direct suppliers of a very hot in deman fashion item... gave him the point and kill marketing strategy, ended the training and charged him to go take action.

Then, I let him go... 

To be honest, I thought he would be one of those guys who come for trainings and never take action, then come up with all sorts of watery excuses... to appeal to their already battered conscience.

...but he proved me wrong

Less than two months later, this same man got back to me, to share with me the news of his shoe business... that now generate an average of N500,000 to N850,000 profit weekly.

Why won't he?

When people literally beg him to get shoes at N12,000 pure profit... and he sells nothing less than 50 to 80 pairs weekly... from his village in Nasarawa State.

He had followed every of the steps of the steps I gave at the 1 on 1 training. Good value for the N200,000 fee he paid :)

No calls, no emails... no contacts whatsoever.

When I asked to know if he did anything outside what I showed him, his answer was negative.

100% every of the tips he grabbed from the 4 hours training with him.

Not Like That Is A New Thing...

To be honest, testimonials like that from students have almost become a normal.

But... this very one from this man - a physically challenged - from all the way Nasarawa State got brought me down in tears... and almost made me piss in my pants.

It made me feel guilty...

I thought about the tons of people whose lives would be blessed and uplifted if I had shown them these news secrets nobody talks about.

While I was thinking about this man's case... like a bolt from the blue... my younger brother's message came in on Whatsapp...


4 Million Naira Lexus ES 350?

Well, that wouldn't have made any headline... if it's just about the car.

However, it's about the fact that this same guy only passed out of NYSC in January of this year.

Not just that...

Since then, following my advice and compulsion, he's today, a proud owner of 4 plots of land - 2 in our hometown, Nkwerre... and 2 right beside my house in Magodo Isheri area of Lagos.

Guess he thinks I would discourage him from getting the car, like I have been doing... hence, he turned it to a "surprise" :)

Well, what's more important is NOT the car per se;

... but the fact that the about 13 brave people who took me up on my highly priced 1 on 1 trainings, and my very own blood brother get the results they get not by luck or mere 'grace'

...but because, they've been opportuned to benefit from some set of secrets that have never been revealed anywhere before.

Now, imagine... if with with the other secrets, I have been teaching for over 6 years now... people have been getting great results like this:

What Then Will Happen If I Decide To Finally Come Out Of My Almost 3 Years Hiatus And Reveal My Premium Jealously Guarded Mini Import Secrets That Can Elevate You To That Desired Level?


Especially now, that the year is almost winding down...and everyone working so hard to make more money to offset the usual end of year bills.

Well, I tried to imagine what would happen...

And here's what I found.

My over 180,000 readers and subscribers would be head over heels on themselves to get hold of the secret;

...and that will eventually bring us back to the same old problem which I feared - crowd control.

Hence, my decision to do something extra ordinary...

Something I have tagged:

(- EEW -)

A One Day Superlative Live Training.

This Workshop Has Taken Place...
Click Here To Request For The DVD And The Bonuses. Few Copies Left!

Holding On:
Saturday, September 29th, 2018. 

Venue: A 100 Capacity Venue in Ikeja Lagos. 
(only those who register, get the venue details)

Starting Time: 10.00 am prompt. 

Below Are Some Of The Things That Caused The Breakthrough For The People Above... And I'll Be Talking In Details About Them At The EEW Workshop!

  • The Mini Import/Ecommerce Basics:

    In the first one hour, I will literally empty your head of all the hog wash you've been fed about mini importation/ecommerce business... and show you the point and kill method of succeeding in the business from where ever you stay.
  • The 4 Classes of Products You Must Focus On:

    You are OBVIOUSLY doing this the wrong way... hence, the reasons you are yet to see great results. You maybe seeing results, but how far has it been able to take you. These products will not only save you from always asking the question "which product is hot now"... but will easily help you build a business you can pass on to your child :)
  • One SINGLE Strategy That Can Bring In N5,000,000 For You Before December 31st:

    Now, don't get this wrong... this isn't one of those cock and bull crappy stories that lead to nowhere... it's the same strategy that has helped more than 10 of my close circle students generate quick cash in a record time. With it, a 23 years old boy living in Uyo bought a business that shocked even himself... today, he rides a lexus 350 jeep :) Talk about small, boy with BIG God ish :)

  • Fashion Profit Upsurge:

    You have heard about people making money from selling high quality Shoes, bags, hair etc...but you remain at lose on how they do it. Well, I will... for the first time, remove the veil on the secret, and share exactly with you... how my 60+ years old student built a shoe business that brings in 6 figures, without traveling to anywhere... just Whatsapp and whatsapp alone.

  • FUNNEL - Why It Makes All The Difference... Plus How to Get One Withint 48 Hours- :

    You probably must have heard about marketing FUNNEL, and how you're leaving a lot of money on the table if you're not using funnels. At the workshop, I'll show you how to deploy funnel in your business and stop losing money to amateur and wack kind of marketing.

  • Access To All The Contacts That May Have Changed:

    The sourcing agents... logistic companies... branding companies etc misbehaves and need to be changed often like the Nigerian government. Sadly, the gurus don't know how to get connected to new ones. They're stuck with the old profit killing contacts. At the workshop, I open your eyes to why 35% of mini importers fail.

  • How To Build A Brand Around A Product And Profit Like A KING:

    The eCom Space in Nigeria has never seen anything like this before. The strategy is literally what the big brands you know use to build solid, unique multi million naira businesses... selling just ONE unique product.

    Imagine picking a common product, give it a unique brand, build a site around it, and become the go to guy. Inside this course bid to be released early next year, you'll learn how to duplicate this strategy for youself and others with small capital. 

  • A Modern Way Of SELLING Using The MTN's Unique Secrets:

    This is better left untalked about. You know MTN, and knows how they are the widest network in the country. You think that's by accident? No... that's made possible by a set of strategies. I have taken my time to study these strategies, have applied some in my business... and will be sharing some of them at the EEW workshop.

  • Scaling Secrets of The Unseen Ancient Gods:

    In short, this is the difference between the many who make 3,4 figures... and the few who have easily built their businesses up to the point that it makes them 6,7 figures weekly.

I Know Something Right Now... You Are Probably Asking Yourself If Those Are All I'll Be Revealing After 2 Year Haitus?

Assuming that’s all I will be revealing...

I’m very sure it will  be more than enough to change your bank balance completely forever.

But if you know me too well, you should know I always over deliver on my promises.

So, aside ONE other secret I won't talk about here... to be revealed ONLY to the attendees of the workshop;

...I am going to do be doing something no one has ever done before in a live training.

For clearing your schedule, and making sure you join the first 25 persons to register and attend "The Ecom Elevation Workshop";

...I am going to randomly choose one person among the 25 persons and set up their ecommerce business right at the training.

Of course with one of my money spilling products.

I’m sure you realise that person I chose is you, it’s like giving you a million naira business at no cost than what you paid to attend the workshop.

Now, the big question is...

How Much Will It Cost You To Tap Into My Brain To Get All My Brand New Ecommerce Secrets And Discoveries For A Full Day?

I'll tell you... but first, let me make it clear


Who This Workshop Is Not For…

 It’s not for you… if you are a lazy person. Simply put, I don’t want lazy people coming to learn this revolutionary secret. They won’t use it anyway. So if you’re lazy, don’t come.

 It’s not for you… if you are not willing to do some work to make your life better. I detest laziness and avoid lazy folks like HIV.

 It’s not for you… if you believe people should do everything for you while you just “siddon and chop”

 And it’s definitely not for you, if you think you cannot start with whatever you've got now, from where ever you are now.

We have students who started with almost next to nothing... my own younger brother who just bought a 4 milion Naira car and got plots of land started with some less than 50k products I dumped at my office.

However if you’re the sort of who is willing to…

Take A Proven System And Put It to Work in 90 Minutes Or Less, Then This is For You.

This is why I want to make it super easy for you to attend, by asking you to register now at a hugely discounted rate...

Register before 11.59pm today, pay.... N13,999 (Click here to register NOW!)

Register at the venue, pay.... N35,000

Some Persons Actually Think I Am Stupid... With The Pricing of The Workshop

Yes, he is correct... hence I am allowing the current price till 11.59PM on Monday, 24th September 2018.

After which the new price of N25,000 take effect immediately.

So, it's up to you.

Still Dilly-Dallying About Securing Your Spot For The Ecommerce Elevation Workshop?

Remember, a live training is not like an online webinar that can take over 1,000 people at a time,

The venue I am looking at is built to only accept 100 attendees.

So if you are still on the fence, you are definitely going to miss out as I will be sending this to my over 180,000 ardent readers and followers.

But I Want To Sweeten The Deal For You So You Wouldn't Have Any Reason Not To Attend The Ecommerce Elevation Workshop

You might think I am a crazy person for doing this,

But I want to make sure you can’t sleep without dreaming of how much you will miss if you don’t attend ecommerce elevation workshop on the 29th of September, 2018

Which is why I am adding these mouth watering bonuses for you.

Mouth Watering Bonus #1:
Instead of one person getting a complete ecommerce business setup for them, I am adding one more person so that the chances of me picking you increase considerably.

But hey... there's a catch.

The catch is that, the second chance of winning my business set up is only open to the first 10 persons who registers.

So, register NOW if you don't want to miss out.

Mouth Watering Bonus #2:
For registering now and attending, you'll be getting access to "My Rolodex Of Million Naira Generating Video Training Courses & Tools...

i. Recession Escape Course:- A Simple Home Study Guide To Doing 5 to 6 Figures From Nigeria, Selling Your Imported Items in Top Ecom Virgin African Countries And Getting Your Money into your Nigerian Bank Account. No need taking calls, no need travelling, you sit right in your home in Nigeria and make this happen with ease (Worth N25,000 in value)

ii. Facebook Ads For Complete Newbies:- A 10 Module, 40+ Video Lessons with a technical step by step approach so that you can run Facebook Ads, Funnels and Automate everything for yourself or your clients. (Worth $997... over N360,000)

iii. A Copy of Instabuilder Plugin:- This tool enables even a “moron” who can copy and paste to put up a sweet looking website in 10 minutes. With this plugin, putting everything online becomes easy and fast  (N72,890 value)

Oh... Before I Forget!

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

If at the end of the workshop, you do not think you can take what I show you and make 10 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund, even before you leave the venue!

It shall never be said that Baba Muna ran away somebody’s money... Never!

No.. not now that I've got a wonderful family;- two awesome damsels and a virtuous wifey :)

With that said...

Feel free to register for the Ecom Elevation Workshop via any of the options below;

You can register anytime of the day... even at 12.09 am

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit or any form of transfer of N13,999 into;

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Netfame Marketing
Account No: 011-513-8336

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the details within 3-8 hours.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to another page containing more information. No waiting whatsoever.

Note:- If you pay online right now... and your payment goes through, you'll be automatically redirected to the registration area, which look like this;

If you paid via bank deposit... you will be manually sent the registration link within 3 to 8 hours

Still On The Fence Even After Revealing All I Have In Store For You.

By now I expect you are jumping out of your seat and screaming Pat Ogidi has lost his mind.

How the hell did he do it?

How is he willing to offer so much value (both tangible and intellectual) for a paltry sum?

Even though...

=> He will be paying for a hall space, Camera Team, item 7 and more.

=> He will be sharing his brand New ecom/mini import secrets that is responsible for over 50m this year alone.

=> He will set up an ecommerce business with product for two persons (hopefully you and one other person).

=> He will also let you and other 99 attendees have access to his rolodex of million-naira making training courses and tools.

And if at this point... you are yet to secure your seat before I regain my Igbo man senses;

...then you are letting a huge one in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.


And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot at "The Ecommerce Elevation Workshop"

But I know you are smarter than letting such opportunity pass you by;

So, I look forward to receiving your registration... then finally seeing you at the venue of the training on September 29, 2018.

Sincerely yours;

Pat Ogidi,

"The Grand Commander of Mini Import Business"

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me, sometimes) who just skip to the end of the letters like this, here's the deal:

After almost 3 years... I am organizing for you and 99 others of my subscribers a live training/workshop session in Lagos, on Saturday, 29th September 2018; tagged: The Ecom Elevation Workshop. Click HERE to Register 

At the workshop... I reveal show the underground expert secrets of killing it big from mini importation and ecommerce... with more emphasis on how to scale your business and break the 6,7 figure mark.

This is a very limited offer because our venue can only take the first 100 persons, out of which many of the seats are fast going away.

At the end of the training, we'll so load into you everything you need to successfully run a thriving import business.

Click Here To Claim Your Seat! You won't regret it


PSS: What if YOU just can't attend in person?

If you ask for a "fatherly" advice, I'd tell you straight up...

Be the first to appear at the seminar venue on 29th September.


In fact, make sure you're there by 8am, so that you don't haggle over seats with anyone.




If you think you're a busy bee, have an engagement that's more important than your financial freedom that would enable you end the year on a high note, and prepare to make the next year the best ever... hence, cannot physically attend, here's the second option I advice you don't miss.


Go ahead and register for the event... same price.


In the email you send us after registration, indicate BOLDLY that you won't attend in person.


Once we get this, we add you to a separate list "busy bees"


What we do is to record the event in HD video.... then courier the DVD to you a week after the workshop.

Simple right?

So, register here now!

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