Can We Help You Set Up Your Super Profitable Amazon Niche Site...?

We do the HARDEST part for you... get you a hot NICHE, write your first set of articles, build your site, do the right things that attracts the big G; that you'll be on your way to making the huge money.

Afterwards... you ONLY put in 2 hours of work weekly, which we'll show you how to do.

Here Are Few Reasons You Should Let Us HANDLE It For YOU;


    Your work will be handled by experts who eat, breathe and live the same Amazon Affiliate business. He has built more than a dozen SUCCESSFUL amazon affiliate site.

    Wouldn't you prefer an experience person working on your site?


    If you're inexperienced, there are tendency that you method would be a hit of miss.

    Hiring an expert to get your site done for you takes the guess work out of the equation.

    Everyday, our team literally research on profitable niches and awesome keywords in those niches.

    When we sign you up for the package, we're not "TRYING OUR LUCK" We're actually using a superb system and process of execution that has been benefiting us for years.


    While the learning experience is great, if you're a busy person, that can afford to get all of these things done for you, then it is way more cost effective as against doing it yourself.

    Because doing it yourself will cost you time, as well as money.


    If you've always wanted a shortcut to making passive income online, then this is it.

    Often people want fast income online, this is almost impossible, but you can put your money where your mouth is, and be rest assured of a good passive source of income without doing much to make it happen.

    You're literally sending your money on an errand to do all the hardwork for you. How beautiful can that be?


Only 5 Slots Available

Here's What You Get From The Done For You Offer... Plus How To Benefit Before The 5 Slots Are All Taken;


  • We Will Select The MOST profitable Amazon Niche For YOU:- 
    Truth is, all niches are not equal. Some are more profitable than the other. And it's not just about the commission rate, it's about the product value, the search volume, and the buying tendency of the niche
  • What I will do for you is to simply put my years of experience into good use, by going down the rabbit hole to find the best and most profitable niche for you. This alone determines your extreme success in this business. (N60,000 Value)
  • We will analyze your Competitor and Shadow Their Tactics:-
    I will take away the stress of having to analyze your competitor to know what they're doing wrong, and how you can plug into their mistake to win massive traction for yourself. I have access to lots of BADASS tools, premium tools that would basically let me look at what the top guys in the niche are doing, and how we can beat them to their game... (N65,000 Value)
  • We Will Research, Come Up With And Register a Brandable Domain Name For 1 Whole Year For You:-
    Most people don't know how important a domain name is in this business. I am taking the guesswork and potential error away by selecting the perfect brandable domain name for your new niche site. A domain name says a lot about your future growth, and to some extent impact how much your site will be valued in the future, you must get it right. And this is exactly what I am doing for you; helping you get it right.  (N5,000 Value)
  • We, Will, HOST Your Domain Name For You For 1 Year:-
    Don't stress about the technicality of hosting your site, for the first year, I got you covered. You won't even have to stress with any complicated hosting process. I will handle every single thing for you.  From buying a hosting account with the best hosting company, to setting up the hosting security, and ensuring you get the best deal on the best platform. (N10,000 Value)

  • We Will Create Your Website For YOU… (THIS IS HEAVY!):- 

  • We install Wordpress for you, not just that, I will use Premium theme, premium plugins, premium extension. I am basically using all the premium tools in my arsenal to setup your site. Most of the tools that will be used in your site setup are PAID tools, and they're very expensive to get, but then you don't have to worry, because I will do every single thing for you, using these premium tools, without having you lift just a single finger!  (N50,000 Value)

  • We, Will, Write Your First 10 Articles-
    Article writing and posting is an important part of the business. I will ensure that when we hand over the site to you, you're getting your first 10 articles published live on the site already. Not just that, each article will be as long as 1,500 Words. That's a total of 15,000words you're launching with. This is massive in all standards.  (N35,000 Value)

  • We Will Create Your Amazon Affiliate Account… The Pro Way!:-
    One of the major issue that most people have is that, they find it very difficult to create an amazon affiliate account because they can't get past the verification process. This is the easiest of the equation for us. I will create your brand new amazon affiliate account, and verify it for you. This way, its a smooth sail from A to Z.  (N5,000 Value)

  • We Will Build The Foundational BackLink For You:-
    This offer comes with a special package that you will NEVER get elsewhere. In that, your first set of backlinks will be built by our special team. They will basically set up the links on some authority site, so it will mature and help your site grow as expected. Link is important for site growth, and we're giving you the first push to success with this foundational links.  (N21,000 Value)

  • We Will Setup Your Google Analytics For You:-
    The best thing about this business is knowing what is working and how to better improve it. This is exactly why we will also setup your Google analytics account for you. This will give you access to information about how visitors are acting on your site. Where they're entering from, where they zoom off, which page is doing fine, and how long they stay on the page. This information is important, and setting up your analytics account will give you access to it. We will do all of that for you.  (N21,000 Value)

  • We Will Setup Your Google Search Console For You:-
    Just like Google analytics, you want to know the keywords that are bringing people to your site, as well as the position of your site for these keywords on Google. This is the information that Google search console will provide. I will ensure your search console account is properly setup, connected and verified for this purpose.  (N21,000 Value)

  • We Give You A LONG LIST of seed Keywords For Future Expansion:-
    Even though we will publish the first 10 articles for you, we know how important growth and expansion is; so we're not leaving you to do it all by yourself. We will give you a long spreadsheet of amazing keywords that you can always use to publish more content for your site as you grow and expand your site content and revenue. This spreadsheet itself is a goldmine!  (N15,000 Value)

  • We Give You A Detailed Guide On Maintenance and Growth:-
    After setting up and handing over your site, It will come with a comprehensive guide on what next to do going forward, how you can successfully grow you property into a gigantic enormous passive income business!  (N10,000 Value)

  • We Connect You With Freelancers:-
    Since most people are always busy and rarely have time for other stuff, we will connect you with tested, trusted and vetted freelancers that can help with writing your future articles, as well as posting them on your site. These guys are expert at what they do, and connecting you with them makes it easy because they already know what you want and they also know how to get it done. No headache whatsoever  (N75,000 Value)

  • We Give You 700+ List of Domains For Commenting:-
    Part of what you will be doing to grow the site is by commenting on other people's blog when you have the time. With this offer comes a long list (almost inexhaustible) list of domains that you can comment on. Over 700 List of domains to easily drop comments on as you grow your site. (N10,000 Value)

  • We Give You 3 Months FULL mentorship:-
    Because we know the importance of mentorship, this is exactly what this is all about. Full three (3) months mentorship after your site has been delivered. Which means you can access my support either through email or whatsapp, and I will gladly answer and respond to your issues as soon as possible!  (N150,000 Value)

  • We Will Give You A 1 Hour Skpe Consultation:-
    When everything is set and done, I will spend 1 hour with you on skype or Google Hangout, depending on your preference to answer your questions and also show you how to ensure the continued growth of your property. This consultation is not even available publicly. .  (N50,000 Value)

Remember; this offer expires after the 5 slots are gone;

1 Slot Taken...

Real Value = Over ₦590,000

Today's Price = ₦349,999

Make a deposit/transfer of N349,999 into;

Bank: GTB
Account Name: Netfame Marketing Services.
Account No: 0115138336

After payment, send an email to:

Or pay ONLINE anytime of the day, even at 12.07 am with your ATM card.

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the thank you page. No waiting whatsoever. No delays!


  • How Much Does It Cost?

    The cost of the done for you package, is N349,999.

  • What is the Payment Break Down? 

    You can make payment in two instalments.

    75% first instalments, 25% payment before delivery.

  • Will I start Making Money Instantly? 

    No. From my over four years experience, it takes atleast Six (6) months for most sites to gain traction. So after handing over to you, you would have to keep working on the site for the next six month until serious traction is gained.

  • What Is Your Refund Policy? 

    Making the initial 75% deposit shows your commitment. 

    Because we use a team of freelancer to get most of the work done, I would have assigned task and also paid these people. 

    As such, there is no refund policy once payment is made.

  • What Is The Guarantee Of Making Money? 

    I have been doing this for over four years, and I have succeeded in building dozens of sites within this period. Not just this, I have als trained students on how to build profitable niche sites, and they’ve equally succeeded.

    While I am not guaranteeing that you would have the same success like me, I am giving you the assurance that I would do the exact thing I do for my sites, giving you huge chances of succeeding as well as against doing it all by yourself.

  • How Long Does The Setup Takes? 

    Usually, it takes between six (6) to Eight (8) weeks for project completion, before handing the site over to you.

    You can choose to have the skype consultation weeks after handing over the site, or immediately after handing over.


Now... the ball is on your court.

Whether to jump in right now, or procrastinate... it's up to you.

Which ever; remember, this offer is slot limited..., once we have 5 people sign up, we close it and focus on setting up their sites and giving them all the support.

Get in NOW!

Pat Ogidi;

"The Commander General of Mini Import Business"

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