Can I Personally COACH You For 6 Months...?

"I will personally mentor and coach you for six months. We meet three times in person and I will sit down with you and help set up your business, right there, in the conference room. You are going to learn by doing"

- Pat Ogidi

Next Level High Performance One-on-One 6 Month Mentorship Program...

First of all,

This is urgent!

So, don't expect the usual long sales pitch thingy.

Plus... I must make it clear it isn't for EVERYONE.

Even though, my over 180,000 subscribers may currently be on this page with you... this however, isn't for every Tomiwa, Dike and Hassan.

Not a party for 50. Not even for 20...

But for some "golden number" you'll discover shortly... who are tired of the status quo.

Tired like this helpless Ibadan based widow, Mrs. Ajoke... who forced me against my policy, to come to office on Saturday to attend to her.

I do not near my office on Saturdays... for whatever reason.

Saturdays and Sundays are strictly for these damsels :)

I DON'T handle the office lines myself.

But Something happened miraculously... And I thought I should extend same MIRACLE to 9 more persons.

On that fateful Friday, 22nd of June to be precise... I stayed back a little bit at the office, after my staffs left... to watch Nigeria vs Iceland match

...just when I was about closing for the day, at about 6.34pm, the office line kept on ringing... and unlike what I would do, I picked the call, and it was this woman, Mrs. Ajoke.

From just wanting to tell her to send me her concerns via email, so I could attend to it when I get home;

...the next I saw was this woman giving me her full life story.

From how she got married at a tender age... to how she lost her husband 7 years later, leaving the upkeep of her 2 sons to her alone... to her husband's relatives taking over all the man's property and leaving her with none.

Lots of heart melting experiences.

However, what glued me more to her over 12 minutes phone conversation was the fact that she's an action taker.

A crazy one!

Earlier, she had invested in one of our materials, which helped her kick off her business.

She sees result... good results that would 'force' some people to be comfortable.

But like Oliver Twist, she...


Needs A GREAT Result

Great result... that brings in SUPER profits!

Impressed... out of my way, I didn't even know when I asked her to come around the next day which was a Saturday... so we could discuss it.

Office on Saturday?  For a free consultation?

That has never been my thing.

But when I come across an action taker, someone who's ready to go the extra mile... I don't mind losing my sleep at times to make sure I help push them closer and QUICKER to their goals.

That was the case here.

Mrs. Ajoke came back the next day... as early as 9.30am.

We met and spoke for about 32 minutes... and I could see the "hunger" and enthusiasm blazing through her eyes.

She's been comfortably doing N200,000 to N350,000 pure profit monthly... but according to her, she knows she can do better.

She's aware there must be a "missing link"

And she's cock sure that finding that missing link, can EASILY 4x her income without losing sweat.

She talks about her plans to finish up a 4 bedroom bungalow her husband started around New Bodija, Ibadan before his death... the only property her husband's people didn't know about... hence, the need to scale her earnings.

Then she finally melted my heart by talking about a foundation, an NGO she's planning on setting up for widows.

Through the foundation, she hopes to help helpless widows properly press for their rights... so that they can escape the kind of obnoxious treatment she went through in the hands of her husband's kinsmen

She ended her heart wrenching story with a plea that literally forced tears out of my eyes :(

She begged...

"Mr. Pat, I know your fees are not cheap... but can I pay you N500,000 so you closely mentor me for six months?"

Yes, all it would have taken to become half a million naira richer was to just nod my big head... but no, I couldn't do that.

My conscience wouldn't let me.

Instead, I was seriously battling something else inside of me.

While I try every possible best to be the man I am, the heart says otherwise...

When I eventually managed to raise my head to face her, she was already kneeling down, (trust my darling south west country people)... begging that I do it for her at that price... 

I hate anybody kneeling for me, for whatever reasons.

Talk more of when it's coming from an ambitious widow. Nah!

What did I do next?

First, I made her sit up and never try such again.

Then,  I thought of an idea...

A divine idea that would see me not allow this woman cough out that much for a 6 months mentorship... even though, that isn't up to half of what I would charge for such service.

Then I remembered that in the past few weeks, I've had over 300 persons... reach out to me begging for a long term close mentoring that would enable them scale their mini import businesses and finally crack the 6,7,8 figure code.

Also from those who are yet to start anything. They simply want a One-On-One, Hold-Your-Hand, Intensive, Step-by-Step, Mentorship Program!

Then An Idea Struck Me... A Golden Idea

I thought;

What can I do to make sure this woman doesn't pay this much, yet get all the benefits, all the ingedients she needs to make her dreams come through.

Then, came an idea... an idea that will save my conscience from the "guilt" of having a widow part with her N500,000;

...and at the same time, produce 9 other smart goons who would benefit from the same handsfree mentorship as Mrs. Ajoke, and can confidently be commanding 6,7,8 figures easily... even during the mentorhsip.

Super EASILY... just like this my "5 million naira in 2 weeks" SUPER student;

Subsequently... I thought about making 9 more persons part of the plans.

So, that none of them would have to cough out the fee for such premium mentorship program.... yet get everything they need to build 6, figure businesses that really work.

Hence, I created a first of its kind coaching/mentoring program I call...

"Next Level High Perfomance One-on-One Mentorship Program..."

The coaching is going to be a 6 month intensive high-end mentorship;

...where Mrs. Ajoke, YOU (if you allow me) and other 8 persons... making a total of 9 persons get EVERYTHING they need to profitably set up, run, scale and grow their mini import businesses under my close guidance and supervision.

In the 6 Months, The 10 Lucky Members Of This Mentorship Program Will Get The Following:

  •  Three Physical LIVE Trainings in my Office

This is not going to happen in a hall, under mangoe tree or in some unconducive environment, but right in my office in Lagos.

It will be more like a 1 on 1 training. High powered... where I get the chance to look at your business and offer professional advice.

The first one comes up sometime in July, while the second in September and the third in January of 2019... what a good way to start the new year you say?

What if you stay outside Lagos, and thinks you may not make it to our office in Lagos?

Well, while we strongly advise you forgo every other thing and attend in flesh and blood, however, in that case,  we would set up a 2 hours online video conference with you to cover for each of the training you missed... where you get the exact thing revealed at the physical class... if not more :)

(N350,000 Worth)  Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Personally Guide You In Researching Hot Products

You're not going to be left alone to keep cracking your head as regards the type of hot products to build your business around. No.

In the course of the mentorship, we will work directly with you and guide you in choosing at least 10 super hot EVERGREEN products you'll continue to sell profitably till you decide to bequeath the system to someone else :)

Mind you, these products are going to be evergreen products... and not the type that sells today, and die out tomorrow.

(N35,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now! 

  • Help You In The ACTUAL Importing

We'll be there for you through out the entire import process.

In case the logistic companies decide to act funny, we'll help you call them to order... by letting them know you're a "special baby"

(N50,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Closely Guide You in Setting Up 2 Professional Marketing Funnels From Start to Finish

Marketing funnels help you live a life of freedom. You set up the funnel just once, the system takes care of the rest. You just take orders or delegate that to someone for peanuts... and bank huge.

We stand over your shoulder, guiding you and showing you how best to create funnel. You do this with us for 2 funnels, so that you can subsequently do same on your own... or even create for people and charge them.

(N200,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Continous Follow Up Via Email & Phone Call

The SUCCESS is in the follow up right? The coaching won't just end with the physical trainings.

There will be ongoing follow ups, back and forth check ups and reporting... to always ascertain the extend of your work so as to see where you may need help.

You will get access to a dedicated email and phone line to reach me directly.

 (N55,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • The BIG One - We'll Stand Shoulder to Shoulder Wit You Through out the Marketing Process

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. Get every other thing right, and flop in your marketing... then you CRY!

In the course of the mentorship, we'll walk you through how to set up a SOLID funnel marketing system... that will continously sell your products almost handsfree...

With this system, it's easy to automate your the marketing process up to at least 85%... so that you just sit back, monitor and bank great like a boss.

(N95,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • SCALE - My Ancient Highly GUARDED Business Scaling Secrets

With this secrets in your arsenal, you will stop being that stagnant figure business person. 

Once you start using my jealously guarded ancient business scaling strategies, you can easily scale any business from one level of obscurity to the mega profits.

(N145,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Unlimited Access To My Premium Marketing Tools of Trade - Softwares, Plugins, Themes, Apps etc

This was kind of difficult to include... but because I want to erase every chance for excuses, I had to add it...

You get unlimited access to over 1,100 apps, plugins, softwares, tools etc that cost thousands.

These apps help in saving you thousands of naira you would have paid to web developers, graphic artists, article writers etc.

Since majority of these apps are in high demand, and come with resale rights... this means that if you have friends or clients that need them, you simply just copy the download link from us, sell to them at your own price... and keep 100% of the money.

(N497,800 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Unannounce Treats & Kicks :)

I'm crazy... and always coming up with lots of crazy business ideas. Most times, I just jot them down, and never get the chance to implement them.

In the course of the 6 months mentorship, will give you access to my "virtual jotter" where I'll be dumping the business ideas as they come. You get access, read through and see any of the ideas you can work with.

(N50,000 Worth) Lock in Your Spot Now!

  • Unannounce Bonuses, Treats & Kicks :)

I love surprises. Everyone does.

So, expect loads of them... unannounced.

(Worth-less) Lock in Your Spot Now!

That's A Value of Over 1.2m Naira; But...

And yea, if I charge 2x that amount, for a high performance VIP mentoship, it will be worth every penny;

...especially since you can join today, get all the premium support, take action and build a business that can continously generate that amount WEEKLY.

But because of the story I shared above, and in response to the many requests from my students for a premium hands-on-training, I am going to do something extremely crazy... to lighten the load on the 10 persons.

However, I must warn ahead;

This isn't some kind of crowdy seminar;

Or a course that can accomodate much people.

This is a premium high performance one-on-one mentorship program.

That is to say that;

Every member needs that one on on feel and attention.

We have to be able to directly work with you, and closely monitor your business for you for that expected results.

So, when I say the ONLY 10 persons are allowed in, take that not with a pinch of salt.

However, if you choose otherwise, and take that as one of the gimmicks marketers employ to get more signups,

Well... it's cool. But don't come begging for grace, should you procrastinate now, and come back later to see that the doors have bee short.

Once the 9 remaining slots are taken, his website goes off.... and you won't be able to get it.

So, that is why I have worked for hard to make sure I kill every reason that may tempt you to miss this offer; pricing it at just N199,999

That's over 80% discount...

So, lock in your spot right away... before the 9 slots are all gone.

Only --9-- 3 Slots Left

Real Value = ₦1,205,800

Today's Price = ₦199,999

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit or any form of transfer of N199,999 into;

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Netfame Marketing
Account No: 011-513-8336

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the details within 3-5 hours.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to another page containing more information. No waiting whatsoever.

Now... the ball is on your court.

To jump in right now, or procrastinate... it's up to you.

Which ever; remember, this offer isn't one I will be talking much about.

Plus there are just 9 slots available.

Get in NOW!

Pat Ogidi;

"The Commander General of Mini Import Business"

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